Monday, August 3, 2009


If you are out of formula one these days,you'll be shocked to know that MICHAEL SHUMACHER is going to sit in the F60 in the upcoming European GP in Valencia replacing Felipe Massa.Felipe Massa can't recover to sit in the F60 until European GP,In such condition Ferrari had to look for the teammate of Kimi Raikkonen and who is better than Micheal Shuamacher for them.There were many rumours about who is going to replace Massa.Fernando alonso,Marc gene,luca bodeor,Sebestian bourdais are the few names.But as we know for ferrari,they can't trust anyone more than Michael shuamacher.lets look into the racing career of the greatest driver in the formula one history.


Races Run 250
Championships 7
Victories 91
Podium 154
Pole Position 68
Fastest Lap 76
Points 1369.00
Seasons 16
Tracks 28
Teams 3

Career in video:

Michael Shuamacher on his carrer:

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hitler wants kimi to stay in ferrari..LOL