Monday, August 3, 2009


If you are out of formula one these days,you'll be shocked to know that MICHAEL SHUMACHER is going to sit in the F60 in the upcoming European GP in Valencia replacing Felipe Massa.Felipe Massa can't recover to sit in the F60 until European GP,In such condition Ferrari had to look for the teammate of Kimi Raikkonen and who is better than Micheal Shuamacher for them.There were many rumours about who is going to replace Massa.Fernando alonso,Marc gene,luca bodeor,Sebestian bourdais are the few names.But as we know for ferrari,they can't trust anyone more than Michael shuamacher.lets look into the racing career of the greatest driver in the formula one history.


Races Run 250
Championships 7
Victories 91
Podium 154
Pole Position 68
Fastest Lap 76
Points 1369.00
Seasons 16
Tracks 28
Teams 3

Career in video:

Michael Shuamacher on his carrer:

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hitler wants kimi to stay in ferrari..LOL

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Massa under observation

This is the horrible crash of felepi massa in Hungarian gp qualigying.You can see very closely that he was hit by the debris which later revealed as the broken part of the rear suspension of Rubens Barichello's car.Massa sustained head injuries from the flying debris including facial cuts but more significantly skull fractures and concussion..He is still in intensive care.i hope he'll recover soon.

One of my favourite qualifying sessions

Kimi Räikkönen piped Fernando Alonso by 0.091sec at 2008 Catalunya,spanish gp. Just look at the crowd, they went crazy when Alonso took provisional pole.

KIMI Raikonnen in 2009

This is the new look of iceman or kimster or whatever u like to call him.He can be found wearing a larger than necessary red cap jammed down so low over his ears that it makes him look a school boy.In Malaysia he was found having an ice-cream in garage in his shorts while all the other drivers were waiting for the restart in the pouring rain.

"More the fire added, the stronger this ice becomes" is the belief of the kimi fans.Asked in an interview to KIMI raikkonen by BBC SPORTS, What three words would you use to describe what it's like to be a Formula One driver?

Raikkonnen answered:

Fast, adrenalin, funny.

There is no question over this,raikkonen contains all these three elements but somehow he hasn't shown his motivation in 2009 so far but he is at least showing better than 2008 where he just managed to win twice whereas his team mate massa won six times.Lets review his form in 2009.


The 2007 world champion spun into the wall and broke his front wing, before also parking in the garage with three laps to go...


Race was red flagged after 32 laps.The biggest gamble of the day came from Ferrari. When Raikkonen pitted on the 18th lap they put him on wets early, and it proved a disastrous decision as he lapped 21s slower than Button.Many believe it was the decision of the 7 times world champion MR.SCHUMACHER. Kimi eventually finished in 14th place.


It was another disappointing race for Ferrari as Massa retired after 23 laps and Raikkonen finished in 10th position, reporting engine problems to his team shortly after the start of the race. Ferrari still had no points after 3 races.


FERRARI needed some points desperately in bahrin and kimi managed to get them 3 points by finishing 6th in the race.His battle for 6th place with timo glock was good and he defended well.

kimi on Bahrain:

Let’s say that I'm not too thrilled about the sixth place, but considering the circumstances I‘m glad I gained these three points, the first of this season for me and for the Team. It wasn't a start to the season as we had expected, but that's how it went. Three points are not much, considering that the Championship's leader won the race, but it's still better than nothing


Kimi's 2009 Spanish GP race ended prematurely on lap 18, after suspected electrical problems hit his Ferrari. Kimi started 15th, had a good start, but eventually had to retire from 10th place.


I saw the real old kimi in monaco.His pace in Q2 was unbelievable and i was on the edge of my chair.I thought this maybe the last time he will meet the prince albert on podium as there are lot of rumors of his retirement.He qualified on the first row of the grid but rubens managed to pass him at the first corner.Later in the race,he lost ground and has to settled for 3rd place behind the two brawn gp cars.


Kimi Raikkonen lost the race at lap one, damaged his front wing running into Fernando Alonso, and ended up ninth after a very difficult race.

kimi on turkey: Oh well, Turkey wasn't the kind of place we expected it to be. We already said that we can't change the situation in a flash into something. You just have to be patient. We did well in Monaco even though we didn't exactly have the best car but in Turkey we couldn't keep up with the lead in the same way.


Mark Webber hit out at Kimi Raikkonen in qualifying, blaming the Finn for his failure to hold onto pole position during Saturday's qualifying in Britain.webber said:

"Kimi was, I don't know, drinking some vodka or dreaming or something, I don't know what hell he was doing but he should have been on the right and he was on the racing line, dreaming. That wrecked my rhythm really into Stowe, I was very tight into there"

Kimi Raikkonen just managed to grab a point in the race, finishing in 8th position. Kimi made a great start but gradually lost places during the pitstops due to a lighter fuel load than his competitors.

and a very funny funny video,the way kimi ran away from martin brundle.LOL


It was another bad race day for Kimi Raikkonen, who had run close behind team-mate Massa until retiring with a loss of power, after an incident with Adrian Sutil.This is the second time kimi crashed into sutil.Remember monaco gp 2008.

Kimi Raikkonen on nurburgring: “Germany definitely doesn’t seem to bring me luck. I don’t know how many times a problem beyond my control has forced me to retire and this time it was down to debris.

Raikkonen is now eying a podium in Hungary.lets finish this post by the words martin whitmarsh said about iceman recently.

Martin Whitmarsh: "I am a great admirer of Kimi and I can't believe that he's going to retire. People have created that speculation, and knowing Kimi a little bit, he's not going to be fussed about correcting it. So it grows, doesn't it? He's a great world champion and in my opinion he'll fancy his chances of winning a few more.