Sunday, July 19, 2009

IS formula 1 a sport?

This is my first post and i would like to express my views on weather f1 is a real sport or not.i started watching f1 way back in 1998 when it was MIKA HEIKINNEN v.s MICHEAL SHUAMACHER.i was a 10 year old kid at that time and had a very little understanding of the formula 1 but what i could understood was that its not all about the drivers who are dominating this racing series but lot of other external of the main factor was the "CAR" of the driver.Still my heart did'nt believe that "driver is only as good as the car beneath him".now the question arises.."is it just a sport by definition"..many of you would agree on that.

Without f1 designers and engineers,f1 cant exist.they are the building blocks of this sport.Apart from this,if you guys remember the words of FERNANDO ALONSO in monza,2006 after being penalized."Formula one is business and glamour,".He added "In the way that I define 'sport', I don't see that you can say that this is F1".To very much extent he was right.I wont say F1 is not a sport because it doesnt depend on f1 drivers physical strength and skills ONLY but because it includes an element of "business and glamour" a little too much.

Jack Brabham is of the same view.He said "It's really not a sport any more, is it? It's big business" and added "A lot of money and a lot of technology, but at least they are trying to curb the technology now which is a good thing. The driver asistance from the technology has been there for quite a while. In my opinion, it spoils the racing.".and i dont find anybody who will disagree with the statement "business and glamour spoils racing".

Is modern f1 a real sport in your view?