Monday, July 20, 2009

Some AMAZING F1 facts

F1 car consists of 80,000 components, if the 99.9% of the components are assembled correctly before the race,still it would start the race with 80 components wrong.

At key moments during qualifying and the race,THE HEART RATE Of the driver can reach upto 210 beats per minute.

F1 car can go from 0 to 160 kph and back to 0 in just 4 seconds.

The 300kph 130R corner at Suzuka presents the greatest challenge to the oil system with its lateral load of 5g.

At the hotter races, the team and its guests might consume as much as 3,300 litres of mineral water and soft drinks.

F1 driver looses around 4kgs of weight after just one race due to the prolonged exposure to high G forces,saturation and temperatures.

IN Monaco grand prix, the down force provides enough suction to lift manhole covers. Before the race all of the manhole covers on the streets have to be welded down to prevent this from happening.

Normal tyres last 60 000 - 100 000 km. Racing tyres are designed to last 90 - 120 km.